Team Leadership and Partnering in Nursing and Health Care by Cynthia Armstrong Persily PhD RN FAAN

Team Leadership and Partnering in Nursing and Health Care

Book Title: Team Leadership and Partnering in Nursing and Health Care

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826199887

Author: Cynthia Armstrong Persily PhD RN FAAN

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Cynthia Armstrong Persily PhD RN FAAN with Team Leadership and Partnering in Nursing and Health Care

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I enjoyed this book. It provides excellent information on the current use of healthcare teams and partnerships. It is a worthwhile resource for anyone interested in developing and working with healthcare teams." Score: 100, 5 Stars.--Doody's Medical Reviews

Teamwork is an undisputed asset for reducing nursing and medical errors, improving quality of patient care, resolving workload issues, and avoiding burnout. This text helps to foster the leadership expertise and partnerships that will facilitate the delivery of the highest-quality care. It based on the time-tested wisdom that leadership knowledge, skills and, competencies gained by training a group of nurses in the same organization rather than a single nurse are much more likely to result in genuine organizational transformation. It is the only text available to focus in depth on building and maintaining effective partnerships, motivating and developing others in the team, organizational analysis, strategizing, communicating, planning and managing change, measuring team and partnership effectiveness through metrics, and leveraging results within and outside of the organization.

Case studies across a variety of organizations and environments and drawn from years of nursing team and leadership training, illuminate key points and provide readers with real life examples of the application of key concepts. These include such scenarios as developing a team to create, implement and evaluate a nurse residency program in a large tertiary hospital; creating a cross-agency public health team to plan and deploy rural H1N1 responses; founding a multi-campus team for the creation and implementation of a new BSN curriculum; and leadership in a partnership to support the legislative creation of a nursing workforce center. Learning objectives, tables, charts, models, and questions for thought in each chapter reinforce information in the text. Plentiful references provide opportunities for further study. Authored by a noted expert in education, team building, and policy making in nursing and health care, the book will be of value to emerging and seasoned leaders and graduate educators and students, including CNL, DNP, and NPs.

Key Features:

  • Examines, in depth, team leadership and professional, clinical, and educational partnering in and for nursing
  • Features real-life case studies in diverse practice and academic centers
  • Offers a practical approach to applying team leadership and partnership concepts when facilitating health care change
  • Reviews team models and skills, how to take action, issues and challenges along the way, measuring results, and applying leverage to sustain gains
  • Presents information in a concise, step-by-step format replete with learning objectives, tables, charts, and questions for thought