Let's Go Thailand: The Student Travel Guide by Perseus

Let's Go Thailand: The Student Travel Guide

Book Title: Let's Go Thailand: The Student Travel Guide

Publisher: Let's Go

ISBN: 1598803204

Author: Perseus

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Perseus with Let's Go Thailand: The Student Travel Guide

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Whether you’re on a tiny southern island, in a remote northern village, or hanging out in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, you can’t go wrong on a trip to the “Land of Smiles” with Let’s Go Thailand. Our student researchers have done all the legwork: We’ve made sure that at the end of a long day of riding elephantback or bowing before glittering golden Buddha statues, you can come home to the safest, cheapest, and comfiest beds, no matter where you are. So grab a copy of Let’s Go Thailand and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget.

Let’s Go publishes the world’s favorite student travel guides, written entirely by Harvard undergraduates. Armed with pens, notebooks, and a few changes of underwear stuffed in their backpacks, our student researchers go across continents, through time zones, and above expectations to seek out invaluable travel experiences for our readers. Let’s Go has been on the road for 50 years and counting: We’re on a mission to provide our readers with sharp, fresh coverage packed with socially responsible opportunities to go beyond tourism.