Invest in Debt by Jimmy Napier

Jimmy Napier with Invest in Debt

  • Note Investing Made Easier: How To Buy And Profit From Distressed Mortgages
  • Paper Profits: How to Buy and Profit from Notes: A Beginner's Guide: Learn the nuts and bolts essentials of owning mortgage notes and why these assets ... almost any other investment ever created.
  • Performance Anxiety: Creating A Fortune Investing In Non-Performing Real Estate Loans
  • Turning Distress Into Success: Building Wealth and Passive Income Investing in Mortgage Notes
  • The Banker's Code ~ The Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Finally Revealed
  • Fast Cash: How I Made a Fortune Buying Notes
  • Long-Distance Real Estate Investing: How to Buy, Rehab, and Manage Out-of-State Rental Properties
  • How To Invest in Debt: A Complete Guide to Alternative Opportunities
  • The Art of Investing in Distressed Mortgages: It's Not Rocket Science!
  • Bailout Riches!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar